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My Bestie Image.jpeg
My Bestie - (Voice of Sally)

"The exciting and moving story is unfolding, The hilarious cohabitation of two girls, re-recognize the world with new friends, unfold a wonderful future beyond imagination, face difficult life choices, advance the plot, and the wonderful life is designed by you."

Welcome to "MY BESTIE", Can Sally and Jessica be the best friends? Explore their stories now! Download here


Game play and voice sample here

Live Adventure Photo_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Rain of Reflection.jpeg
My Student Spirit.jpeg
Live Adventure - (Voice of Lence)

"Throw yourself into an exciting adventure! Live Adventure is a 2nd person game where you follow the journey of two young explorers, Lence and Reel in search of their parents. Solve the mysteries of a lost civilization while exploring a lush forest littered with mysterious ruins." 

Game play and voice sample here

Play the game on Steam or Itchio!!!

AWARD Live Adventure.png
Encodya - (Voice of Ticket Booth)

It’s 2062. Tina – a 9 years old orphan – lives with SAM-53 – her big clumsy robot guardian – on a rooftop makeshift shelter in Neo-Berlin, a dark megalopolis controlled by corporations. The protagonist is an urban jungle kid, which has learnt to live alone, scavenging dumpsters of the dystopian city, eking out a living of scraps. Her funny robot always with her, programmed to protect the girl no matter what.

ENCODYA is based on the award-winning short film "Robot Will Protect You".

Click HERE to download!

Game play and voice sample here:

Encodya Award 1.png
Enocdya Award 2.png
Rain of Reflections - (Voice of Lyu)

Rain of Reflections is an atmospheric, dystopian adventure game with exploration and deep character interactions. Its turn-based strategic confrontations are uniquely centered around a motivation mechanic.

Click to Download Game Here.

Click for Gameplay  of Ch1 Here.

Click for Gameplay of Ch 2 Here.

My Student Spirit -Phoenix Animation (Voice of Elise and Child Ghost)
"My student spirit is a slice of life mystery drama that takes place in Moscow, Russia and follows two students - Dmitry Bratsky and Elijah Douchnov - in very unusual circumstances. Elijah is a ghost of a straight-A student, tied to the dormitory, unable to move on, as "his" room keeps being offered to new students, one of which ends up being Dmitry Bratsky - a party-loving, ordinary Russian tough guy. He learns of Elijah's existence and, despite the clash of characters, they both have to work together to ensure Dmitry doesn't get expelled and Elijah finds peace."
To hear Voice of Elise click here
To hear voice of Child Ghost click here
1000 deaths.jpeg
Thousand Deaths of Number 13 (Voice of Death Number 8)

"Save the world." A simple request, right? Or is it? When the immortal known as Prime mysteriously dies his successor, Thirteen, must pick up where he left off. Unenthused and desperate for escape, can Thirteen learn to work together with Prime to save us all or will this finally be the end of life as we know it?

Episode 1 click

Eye of Life Cover.jpeg
The Eye of Life - (Voice of Devia)
An anime-action adventure RPG, following a teenage boy named Ayo and his younger sister Ayumie on a journey to obtain the ancient artifact, the Eye of Life!

The Phenomenon Podcast - (Voice of Louise)
When a supernatural threat drives mankind to the point of extinction, survivors around the globe struggle to endure in a world with just three rules: Do not look outside. Do not look at the sky. Do not make noise.

For episodes click here

sheridan cover.jpg
PP Pulp Cover.png
A Dead Rose.jpg
strange fansty.jpeg
Among Us Cover.png
The Sheridan Tapes - (Voice of Dispatcher)

In 2018, famed horror writer Anna Sheridan disappeared, leaving behind only a box of mysterious cassette tapes. Detective Sam Bailey is tasked with piecing together what happened to Anna Sheridan from the seemingly impossible encounters she recorded, but as the scattered pieces of the puzzle come together, Bailey discovers that the picture is even stranger – and more dangerous – than it seemed.

Check out episodes here.

Paperless Pulp - (Voice of Amelia and Customer Support)

Inspired by the traditions of old time radio and pulp magazines, this anthology series presents original, fully produced audio plays exploring intimate aspects of the human condition set in worlds of high genre – horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and more!

Check out the Episode: Cyri No! Here

Adventures of Darbies the Cat (Voice of Various Characters)


"He sails as he pleases, 

In search of whores, drugs and cheeses,

A pirate is his expertises.

He is inflames for all the right reasons.

It's The Dastardly Dangerous Adventures of Darbies the Cat! And his best mate is Little Gary"

Check out the series here

A Dead Rose - Animatic (Voice of Rose)

When Rose is dragged into the depths of Hell during her 16th birthday party, her older brother, John, decides he ought to go save her; however, he begins to wonder if it’s really worth the effort.

Strange Fantasy Show (Voice of Various Characters)

Strange Fantasy Show Strange Fantasy Productions

A Unique Horror Audio Drama Podcast! Haunting tales, crafted to guarantee thrill and mystery, shock and illusion, phantom and imagination... Close your eyes and listen.

Among Us - Animated Short Series (Voice of Beauty the pink alien)

A comedic animated webseries, based off the popular video game Among Us, where the character's work together to find out which one amongst them, is the murderer.

Check out first Episode here

Lanterns in The Sky:​
Written By: P.S. Malcolm 
Narrated By: Carmina Manley (Claire Riley)

Everything was normal for Lucy Maisfer until the day a star fell from the sky and knocked her out. Upon waking, she comes face-to-face with Jason Woods, who also happens to be the mysterious new guy in her best friend, Valarie's, life. 

Then the strange dreams begin, and she learns about the Starlight Princess— who must not under any circumstance be reawakened. Driven to uncover the meaning of it, she finds herself caught up in a strange twist of events that eventually lead to bigger danger than she ever anticipated. Before long, Lucy is forced to make a choice between saving the world, or saving her best friend; only to discover that Valarie cannot be saved... that she has an even darker secret, and that her supposed star-crossed romance with Jason might not be so destined after all...

Click here to download!

Forget Me Not
Written By: Kristen Middleton New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author. 
Narrated By: Carmina Manley (Claire Riley)
When a deranged lunatic starts targeting single mom, Amanda Schultz, with threatening letters and "presents" on her doorstep, she turns to the police, who offer advice but no real help. At the mercy of a psychopath, Amanda realizes she's in a game of cat-and-mouse, where the killer keeps changing the rules and the winner... is the only one left standing.
Click HERE to download!
Looking for lainey photo.jpg
Looking For Lainey
Written By: Kristen Middleton New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author.
Narrated By: Carmina Manley 

A gripping psychological thriller full of heart-stopping twists and a surprise ending you won't see coming.Your worst nightmare as a parent - having your child stolen when your back is turned. What lengths would you go to get your son or daughter back?
An eight-year-old girl abducted by sex traffickers
A distraught mother riddled with guilt for taking her eyes off of her daughter.
A man close to both of them... guilty as sin.

Psychic Carissa Jones is once again pulled into a case... this one involving the sordid and terrifying world of child trafficking.

Download here!

Hearts in Torment.jpeg
Hearts in Torment Series:
Written By: Karen Lyn
Narrated By: Carmina Manley - Claire Riley (Pseudonym)

Three troubled souls tangled in a web of obsessive love.
Logan is poison and Kristen knows it.
She has developed a hatred for his decadent increasingly risqué lifestyle. Yet every time she tells herself she’s done, it never is. His hypnotic power over her draws her back like an addiction.

Logan’s tenuous grip on reality is crumbling. He feels like he is reaching out for an elusive source of fulfillment. Sometimes he finds it in deviant sex, alcohol, and drugs. Other times there is only darkness. Rich, powerful, handsome, he could have anyone he desires. But he’s obsessed with Kristen and will not let her go.

Click HERE to download!

You Saw too much photo.jpg
You Saw Too Much Books 1 & 2
Written By: Jay Nadal and Adam Nicholls
Narrated By: Carmina Manley 

Her life was taken from her. Now, she wants it back.Lori had it all until that day: the perfect marriage, a job she loved, and a beautiful home in a small town. But when a tragic car wreck takes her husband's life and leaves her hospitalized, she has to learn to live alone again.
Shady Oaks Series: Wailing Waters
Written By: Karen Dubose
Narrated By: Carmina Manley (Claire Riley)

Just outside of the big city limits of Lexington, Kentucky, the small and mysterious town of Shady Oaks exists. With a eerily welcoming presence, it offers its residents charm, beauty, and secrets. ...

Download here
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